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Parkinson's Walking Aid

Path Finder

Path Finder is a class 1 medical device. It is proven to alleviate freezing and help people with Parkinson's improve their gait. If your patients are experiencing freezing, Path Finder might be the solution for them.

How does Path Finder work?

Many people who live with Parkinson's Disease experience freezing of gait (FOG) or freezing which makes difficult for them to start walking. The cue from Path finder, present as a green laser line, helps the brain initiate their movement and helps them resume walking. Path Finder is designed to give them the confidence to move on their own, in all safety.

Is Path Finder right for my practice?

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Who can benefit from Path Finder?

Path Finder is right for your customers who:

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From our customers.


Walk with path gave my father new confidence that he can stay mobile while in the freezing phases during the day and minimising the risk of falling. He would love to have a remote control for switching on/off of the laser in the next model though!


Walk With Path are an example of the best minds coming together to create a highly functional device that has stepped (pardon the pun!) ahead of the pack that have tried lasers to assist Parkinson's - afflicted people with only limited success.