The perfect insoles didn’t exist, so we invented them.

Implement a wellness routine as dynamic as you with Floave.

Comment utiliser Path Flow.

Insérez dans vos chaussures.

Insérez les semelles Path Flow dans vos chaussures.

Connectez les semelles.

Connectez les semelles à votre téléphone intelligent via Bluetooth.

Commencez votre session de massage.

Personnalisez votre expérience immersive.

Easy to navigate Floave App available on Apple Store and Google Play.

Full control over the timing of the sessions.

Battery for a full day.

Wireless charging.

Improve your day from your fingertips.

Discover the Floave app.

Add extra comfort to your shoes.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Restore your inner-balance with Floave.

Accomplir plus, Avec moins de stresse.

Improve your foot health.

Type of shoes compatible with Floave.


Ankle - boots

Closed slippers

Who is Floave for?

'I’m active and dynamic.'

Tired feet? Most common foot diseases are caused by wearing ‘cruel shoes’ and activities that put a lot of stress on your feet and ankles. Be it a busy day or an intense workout, Floave will help you recharge your batteries and give you the energy boost needed, all this while adding extra comfort to your shoes.

'I’m a senior.'

As we age, there is an increased risk of developing various foot problems and pains which can affect an active lifestyle. Floave is here to stimulate your feet, contributing to your overall health and wellbeing. The insole will ensure a sensation of comfort and stability which will motivate you to discover the wonders of moving more.

'I always wear heels.'

Heels are the most common factors that contribute to a large number of foot diseases. Using various vibrational patterns, Floave will help you relax by releasing the tension accumulated in your feet and offering you the extra comfort needed after a long, exhausting day on heels.