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I wanted to help my father walk - something that many of us take for granted.

"My father has Parkinson’s. After seeing him struggle to walk and perform other tasks that many of us take for granted, I set out on a mission to create simple solutions that have a positive impact. It was important to me that they should have positive benefits and no side effects (like drugs). That is why I created Path Finder Laser Shoes for people with Parkinson's, that marked the beginning of Walk With Path.

Bringing Path Finder Laser Shoes to the market was a key achievement. It feels incredibly rewarding to hear from our users, and how it is changing their daily lives for the better.

Since then, Walk With Path has grown significantly. We are currently developing Path Feel, a product aimed at assisting the diabetes, stroke and multiple sclerosis populations."

It has been a rewarding journey...

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Lise Pape

Founder, Managing Director

Florian Puech

Lead Engineer

Luke Staniczek

Head of Corporate Development

Antoine Passelande

Hardware Engineer

Ingvar Kiricenko

Data Scientist

Aaron Lin

Asia Lead Advisor

Juan Manuel Völker

Data Scientist

Elisabeth Fassas

Health Economics Advisor

Philip Johnson

Business Advisor

Ernest Lim

Medical Advisor

Diana Marin

Digital Marketing Executive