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As we approach the first birthday of the global pandemic (which we hoped would have been over by now), we wanted to check in on you. Despite the uncertainty and chaos, some questions remain the same. How do I cope with the current situation? Thanks to our Walk with Path community, here are some useful tips for you that we hope will make this easier.

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Walk With Path starts the New Year with press coverage from major outlets, including The Sunday Times and AXA who shared Bruce Jockelson's story. Bruce suffers from Parkinson's and the 'freezing of gait' symptom, which makes it difficult for him...
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Every Parkinson's person out there (approximately ten million in the whole world) gets worse month after month and experiences many quirky variations of side-effects from medicine and/or their bodies faulty nervous system. Having said that, last year Parkinson's UK asked...
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Difficulty to initiate walking, shuffling, freezing, festinating or slow gait? These are some of the mobility problems which people with Parkinson’s disease experience. Severe gait issues rob people of confidence walking and significantly increase the risk of falls. Although there...
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  In 2019 Walk With Path applied for the SME Instrument Horizon 2020 funding, which is the biggest research and innovation programme in the EU. The SME instrument helps highly innovative SMEs who want to develop, grow and internationalise, but...
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We are proud to announce that Walk With Path is officially part of the AgeTech Collaborative by AARP, an innovative platform where AgeTech startups are focusing on tackling some of the toughest challenges in Aging.

"The products of Walk With Path have a great deal of potential for supporting more active lives among the elderly, while simultaneously reducing pressure on the Japanese healthcare system."

"The long term vision for Walk With Path is to be the leading smart insole on the market, whereby we utilise our leading AI gait analysis to improve the health and lives of older people worldwide. "

"Future Care Capital trustee Lise Pape founded her own company Walk With Path which manufactures assistive technology for people with mobility problems."

"Lise is being backed to develop a first-of-its-kind medical device – Path Feel – a smart insole which aims to improve mobility for older people suffering from chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s."

"We're pleased to present Innovate UK's Women in Innovation Awards 2020/21 winners, 40 female entrepreneurs making the world of 2021 a better place."

"Meet Walk With Path, the mobility-focused startup and healthtech award winner. The HealthTech Networking Club connects key players in the Healthtech industry."