My neurologist recommended me to get the laser cane, but I was not quite convinced because of the different mobility aids I use. I searched the internet and found Path Finder. Now I can use it with both my walker and my cane.
Andrew, living with Parkinson's, United Kingdom

I bought the Path Finder for my mother who is 82 years old and has big problems walking because of freezing of gait. She now uses the Path Finder and the results are amazing! She walks without problems and has been given a whole new life.

This is simply a miracle! She will thank you so much for the invention. Life is wonderful to live again, she says.

Marjut, son of Parkinson's disease sufferer - about Path Finder
This is the furthest I've walked in a day for years!! I use Path Finder to train my walking, and I notice a big change in how I take steps - I am able to lift my feet higher and shuffle much less. I am forever grateful for the results the Path Finder laser attachments have given me!
Matt, Parkinson's disease sufferer - about Path Finder
My dad is super happy with your product. Path Finder helps him to walk better. He is 82 years old and walks badly due to Parkinson's, but Path Finder enables him to safely walk better - and this is, in his situation, worth a lot! 
Marianne, daughter of Parkinson's disease sufferer - about Path Finder
Having seen the difficulties of managing the various aspects of Parkinson's first-hand, I found Walk With Path's problem-centric approach to alleviating some of Parkinson's most debilitating symptoms such as "freezing of gait" (FOG) extremely refreshing and promising. FOG can be notoriously difficult to manage, often resistant to medication, furthermore, there is yet no consensus on its underlying pathophysiology. 
Walk With Path's solution is to provide a visual cue for patient's with FOG in the form of a laser-projected target line for the patient to aim for with each step. The device provides a calibrated visual cue to break the cognitive cycle of freezing, and studies with early prototypes have demonstrated very promising results. As the current hypothetical treatments involve complex drug regimes or deep brain electrodes, I am excited to see the potential impact such an elegant, non-invasive solution will have on the way we manage Parkinson's Disease.
Ernest Lim - Medical Doctor
It [Path Finder] made me more confident in my walking. 
Bob, Parkinson's disease sufferer - about Path Finder
It's a great idea. Projected lines are a great aid, but up until now they've only been built into canes and walkers. 
Peter Schmidt, National Parkinson Foundation, about Path Finder
These insoles will be a game changer for multiple sclerosis patients. They will enhance the quality of our lives, enabling us to participate more fully.
Laura, living with multiple sclerosis - about Path Feel
The project should be an inspiration to all medical device companies because it puts the user at the centre of solution creation.
Brian Firth, MIE Medical Research
Lionel, Parkinson's disease sufferer - about Path Finder
I tried the device [Path Finder] along with a couple of my People with Parkinson’s colleagues and we all found a marked improvement in our walking….There is little doubt that it does make walking easier for Parky people….When I am off overnight I find the walker difficult to manoeuvre and it gets in the way as much as it helps. Having tried Path Finder when I was three-quarters off it was much easier to walk (and much, much easier to turn around) with than the walker. I do intend to try it when I am completely off. If I can still walk when fully off, that will be something that I cannot do at all, being overcome...I think Path Finder will prove to be better than a walker.
I've heard about the concept before, that lines or steps can help Parkinson's suffers to walk in the freeze phases, and I was so happy to hear that a product was created to use that trick. It really helps me move about and stay mobile, when in freeze phases, and I feel better protected from potential falls. I like that it's hands-free, not like a stick or DIY solutions I've heard of before.
Tomasz, Parkinson's disease sufferer - about Path Finder
Trialling the Path Finder has been great in my clinical practice. The use of this aid has been beneficial for clients that are having issues with initiation of movement, freezing and festination. Clients notice a decrease in their freezing periods and also an improvement in fluidity of movement with an increase in stride length. [Path Finder is] certainly an aid to consider for those suffering from the aforementioned symptoms. Overall this has meant that my clients are less at risk of falling, have more confidence with their mobility and have improved quality of life.
Steph Kurtovich, physiotherapist, London - about Path Finder
More older people than will admit it have problems with walking. This innovative design has the potential to address the problem. 
Lady Helen Hamlyn - The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design 


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Our patient, who has been wheel chair bound due to freezing and stutter stepping tried Path Finder with great success! There was a room of 60 people - the majority with tears in their eyes! She walked holding her husbands hand for an extended period of time. Her dream in a drawer was fulfilled.

Larry, Movement Disorder Specialist
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