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Many people who live with Parkinson's disease experience difficulties walking. This experience is called freezing of gait (FOG) or freezing. Path Finder is a medical device that alleviates freezing.

While you might sometimes freeze or feel stuck, this does not mean you have lost the ability to move. It is simply difficult to start walking. The cue, present as a green laser line, helps the brain initiate your movement and helps you resume walking. Path Finder is designed to give you the confidence to move on your own, in all safety.

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If you are struggling with the effects of Parkinson’s disease, you may be eligible to receive up to 50% funding on Path Finder. The Parkinson’s Wellness Fund helps reduce costs of health care for you or your loved ones, as we understand that expenses can be significant barriers. All you need to do is fill the application form and select “Other” as the service you are seeking.

Path Finder is for you if you face any of the following

Is this for you?

✔ You experience shuffling, freezing or movement blockages.

✔ You experience walking problems that are Parkinson's-related.

✔ You struggle to start or resume walking.

✔ Walking up the stairs is easier than across a flat surface.

How it works.

Visual cues to improve walking

Attach the strap.

Attach the strap to your shoe. Make sure the strap is wrapped around your heel and forefoot to ensure it stays in place.

Adjust the dial.

Turn the dial to place the laser in front of the opposite foot. Adjust the laser length to suit your stride.

Start walking.

You are now ready to walk. When you stand still, the units will automatically turn off to save battery.

From our customers.


"I find it useful when I get stuck. It helps me get around. Everything flows better."

Melanie Powles

"This is the furthest I have walked in a day for years! I use Path Finder to train my walking."

Matt Eagles