Path Feel is an insole that provides vibrational feedback to the soles of people at risk of falls, such as those with peripheral neuropathy, who are unable to feel the ground properly due to a sensory deficit, or those with general balance issues. By amplifying the sense of touch of the feet to the ground, users are able to identify accurately when their feet touch the ground, thereby reducing the sense of imbalance as well as incidence of falls.


Published studies investigating the efficacy of vibrotactile feedback on groups with sensory motor difficulties have been positive. For example, step-synchronized vibration applied to the feet of Parkinson's disease patients has been found to be effective in improving gait patterns, and in a proof of concept study, a vibratory insole significantly improved balance in healthy elderly individuals. 

Walk With Path are currently conducting studies on Path Feel in collaboration with academic partners. We aim to launch Path Feel in 2020.

Illustrational Video - User Journey 

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